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Low Moisture Cleaning

Encapsulation is one method of low moisture cleaning which we use. The area is vacuumed prior to the solution being sprayed directly onto the carpet. A machine with oscillating brushes is used to agitate the solution into the fibres which dislodges the dirt and lifts the carpet pile. The solution surrounds the dirt (encapsulating) which then crystalises when dry allowing the solution and dirt to be vacuumed leaving your carpet fresh and clean.

Solution is pre-sprayed directly onto the carpet then encapsulated using oscillating brushes

Carpet cleaning with Dynamall encapsulating solution
Oreck XL orbiter agitation machine

Bonnet Cleaning

This system uses one of several machines:-

1. A rotary machine which uses a rotating circular drive plate holding a bonnet pad;

2. A rotary machine which has an oscillating drive head holding a circular bonnet pad.

The cleaning solution is applied both to the carpet and the bonnet mop, this acts as a cleaning agent and provides the lubrication which prevents friction damage to the carpet pile. The machine is then run over the area to be cleaned, residual soiling transfers from carpet to bonnet mop. Both sides of the mop are used and changed as it becomes soiled. For extremely stubborn stained carpets a brush head is used to loosen the dirt prior to the bonneting. The advantages of using this method are that large areas can be cleaned quickly with very little disruption from noise and carpets are left almost dry to the touch.

Detergent free bonnet cleaning with zero residue

Micro splitting solution agitated with a buffer
Carpet cleaning with micro splitting technology

Dry Compound Cleaning

The dry compound (powder) is applied evenly to the carpet by hand. A CRB machine with contra-rotating brushes works the compound into the pile. The cleaning agent in the compound loosens the soils in the carpet. The compound absorbs the released soiling, then the compound and absorbed soiling are simply vacuumed out. The advantages of using dry compound cleaning are that the carpet can be used immediately after cleaning and this is the preferred method for cleaning Belgium Wiltons due to their high risk of shrinking. This method is not suitable on heavier soiled jobs and mainly used as a maintenance clean.