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Leather cleaning involves two processes. First of all, we carefully remove the dirt without causing any damage to the leather by using a ph neutral leather cleaning detergent along with oscillating brushes and micro-fibre clothes.

Once the leather is completely clean of both dirt and detergent the suite needs to be re-nourished with natural oils.

Oils in the leather are lost in the everyday use you give your suite as well as in the cleaning process itself. Therefore, following the cleaning process we will re-nourish the leather with oils to help prevent drying out of the leather. If this was not carried out, in time the leather would crack and eventually the suite would need replacing. By re-nourishing it the lifetime of your leather suite is extended. A high-gloss finish can be applied if required.

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Leather Cleaning

Step 1 - Detergent
Step 1 - Oscillating Brush
Step 2 - Towelling
Step 3 - Renourish with Natural Oils (1)
Step 3 - Renourish with Natural Oils (2)