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Any standard carpet dry cleaned, deodorised and stain guarded for only £35

Special Offers

Any 2 average sized carpets (including stairs) cleaned, deodorised and stain guarded for only £55

Any 3 average sized carpets (including stairs) cleaned, deodorised and stain guarded for only £75

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Hi, my name is Colin Phillips. I'm the owner of Barnsley and Rotherham Sofa Cleaners. We are also professional carpet cleaners and have a broad knowledge of different carpets, so whether its wool or polypropylene we have the carpet cleaning system to best suit your needs.

The hot water extraction system is great for the carpet cleaning of badly soiled carpets and the dry clean method is ideal on wool and short pile carpets as well as lightly soiled ones.

We can even sort out those dark lines around your skirting boards, we call them filtration marks. They are caused by air being sucked up through the carpet and then the dust is filtered through your carpet fibres.

Traffic lanes are another problem area that we can sort out using the correct method of agitation, a rotary machine.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Barnsley and Rotherham

Hot Water Extraction

This carpet has been cleaned in Rotherham with hot water extraction.

Carpet clean before and after

When cleaning carpets in Barnsley and Rotherham we use a very powerful twin Vacuum Hot Water Extraction Machine for more heavily soiled carpets.

First a solution is sprayed directly onto the carpet. It is essential to allow the cleaning solution time to penetrate the carpet and soften dirt trapped within the fibres.

Once this has taken place we use a carpet pile agitation machine which massages the carpet pile, allowing the solution and dirt to combine together. This 'Dirty Solution' is then rinsed out using hot water in order to leave your carpets free of dirt, other debris and most importantly free from cleaning solution.

Due to the powerful suction of the vacuum motors we use, the carpet will be left with the minimum amount of moisture, improving drying times and leaving your carpets looking and smelling great.

Carpet clean before and after
This is an 80/20 wool carpet that has been dry cleaned

Dry Carpet Cleaning / Encapsulation

This method of cleaning involves sraying encapulation solution directly onto your carpet. The solution is then agitated (massaged) using the carpet pile agitation machine. However, this time the solution surrounds the dirt particles allowing the dirt to be easily removed using absorbing material bonnets. This method of cleaning is ideal for delicate fibres and also when there is only minimum soiling. Drying times are improved and usually carpets are fully dry within the hour.

Carpet Cleaning Videos using encapsulation

Carpet cleaning with encapsulating solution
Carpet agitation using oscillating brushes

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner/Filter

Sebo vacuum cleaner
Demonstration filter for Sebo vacuum cleaner

Carpet Cleaning using a Dry Cleaning Compound

Dry carpet leaning compund
Dry clean compound agitated into carpet
Removal of dry clean compound